We are pleased to announce that the 12th edition of the getsix® Golf Trophy is approaching rapidly. Soon, we will have the opportunity to gather at this exceptional event, bringing together both golf enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

Below, please find the detailed schedule of the event:

07:30 Breakfast – for those guests staying at Gradi the night before
08:00 Opening of Reception Area & Registration for the golf event
09:00 ‘Get Together’ Refreshments & Welcome Speech in front of the Clubhouse
09:20 Golf event photograph at the 1st tee
09:30 Tournament start – Shotgun
10:30 Start of the golf academy
13:30 Start of the Grill in the palace park
15:00 getsix Sailing Team presentation
16:00 Prize ceremony
18:00 The end of the event
19:00 Dinner for the getsix® guests

We count on your presence and engagement. Let this day be an opportunity for sports competition, forging new connections, and experiencing unforgettable moments. We will be delighted to host you this Saturday, June 22, 2024, at the picturesque Gradi Golf Club & Spa.