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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, and of course our golfing friends,

From all the partners of getsix® we would like to thank you for your participation in our getsix® 5th Golf Trophy, which this year attracted almost 100 advanced and beginner golf players, business partners and dear friends.

We feel you enjoyed this day with us, from your comments sent to us and talking with you on the day.

To remember the day fondly, or to allow you to view for the first time we have created Flickr ‘collections’ of the photographs taken on the day. Why not take a look at!

The ‘Get Together’ collection –


We should have realised from the first tee set-up, what was to come from Walter!


Pictures below of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
getsix® congratulate the winner of our 5th Golf Trophy, Mr Walter Wilfert our colleague from HLB International member firm HLB Dr. Schumacher & Partner GmbH (HLB Deutschland). Also, we applaud Mr Dominik Wagner for 2nd place and Mr John Phelan for 3rd place.

Please click here for ‘Presentation’ collection –


We also wish to cheer the ‘Longest Drive’ and ‘1st Golf Challenge’ winner Mr Jack Phelan, along with ‘2nd Golf Challenge’ winner Mrs Agnieszka Wagner and Mrs Martyna Mikus for winning the Golf Academy.


Every year we arrange a ‘Golf Academy’ to try and help or encourage anyone, no matter your golfing standard, or maybe you want to try golf for the first time under expert professional tuition.

Please click here for ‘Golf Academy’ collection –

getsix® Partners would like to send out a thank you to our international guests, and especially Mrs Kimberlee Phelan and family (pictured in the middle of the left picture), along with Mr & Mrs Gradeccy the owners of Gradi golf and spa for their excellent hospitality, facilities and staff.


Of course we cannot forget Mr Henrik Otto with some getsix® helpers for keeping our golfers refreshed in the very hot conditions, we will say water and not beer, as these golfers are finely tuned athletes.


Please click here for ‘Tournament’ collection –

The ‘After Party’ provided some much needed food, music from our DJ and time to chat to friends… Luckily we could also enjoy some ‘live’ European Football Championships. Nothing is too much trouble for our guests!

Please click here for ‘After Party’ collection –

Did you know that Polish equivalent of Miami Vice was at our golf day? Who is ‘Tubbs’ and who is ‘Crockett’? You decide 🙂


Maybe you would like to view the ‘The Best of…’ collection –

Please click here to view: The final ‘Classification’ & the ‘Role of Honour’


Of course if you would like to know your individual score on the day, please email and he would only be happy to advise you!

Kind regards,
getsix® Partners

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